Don’t Forget To Take A Step Back

I had a coaching session with a young and bright entrepreneur who was about to turn 30. We mainly talked about his plans for the future.

At the end of our conversation, he asked me whether I see any differences between my 30s and my 40s.

I always enjoy the challenge of a great question because it allows me to reflect.

Here’s my answer: The main contrast compared to the younger me 12–15 years ago, is that I now feel more in control of my life.

It allows me a better balance between my professional and my personal activities.

It makes me a more resilient entrepreneur.

I enjoy life more than I used to.

I used to follow the flow: work, eat, sleep, repeat (partying too much too). I was jumping around from one place to another, from one task to another, from one goal to another, without taking the time to breathe.

I wasn’t slowing down to enjoy the journey, even while I was vacationing.

I was addicted to speed, both at a professional and personal level.

I was constantly moving at 150%.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked it. But it came at some costs.

First, I was so focused on my objectives that I wasn’t living the moments taking me to them.

Worse, I was never satisfied. Once I got where I wanted to be, I’d set a more challenging goal, and so on. It felt like I was chasing something all the time.

Second, because of that, I missed out on many of the gifts life throws at you, such as enjoying the company of my kids or simply doing absolutely nothing for a while.

Third, my health was affected. I was too fat, eating and drinking too much, I didn’t sleep enough (which in turn was affecting my mood), I didn’t feel good.

I’ve improved a lot in the last decade.

Being more in control means I’m able to remind myself to stop from time to time, look around me, be grateful for all I have, and refill my motivation bucket to continue my journey.

Plus, it’s a useful skill to have for a coach.

Entrepreneurship is tough.

Often, entrepreneurs are so focused on the destination, whatever it is, they worry so much about their businesses, that they lose control as I did.

What’s the point?

Slow down.

“Enjoy the journey, not the destination. The journey is much longer, the journey is much bigger, it’s much more important, it’s every day. A lot of entrepreneurs are so focused on how to get there, how to get to that peak. When you get to that peak, you naturally looking at the next peak… Sometimes you don’t actually stop and look at the view.” Paul Baker, the Founder of St Pierre Groupe on Inter:views episode 46.

When was the last time you took a step back and enjoyed the view?

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